Unique ideas for party?!

Question: Unique ideas for party?
I have had end of summer parties since grade 9 while my parents are out, and we've always done it crazzzzzy. Like I'd say 30% of guys at my parties get laid, and EVERYONE gets drunk. its always fun! This time though I want something different, like unique since this is before everyone goes to university, but I don't have any ideas. I still want alcohol, but like what are things I can do to make it different? I have a 10000$ budget and a house large enough to accommodate the 300 minimum people who are coming.


Wow..pretty big house huh? Lol anyway erm perhaps a theme? Or do something unique and really cool with any decor you do. Ahh this just popped into my head just now..what about an alice in wonderland themed party with all crazy cool decoration and put the theme into the food and drink. Like everyone gets a little potion bottle with some strong alcohol concoction that they have to take as a shot with a label saying 'drink me' and a cute cup cake saying 'eat me'. And they get it as they arrive and walk in by a Mad hatter...lol...im just rambling ideas here and getting carried away with myself, sorry...I know what MY next party is going to be like haha. ALSO it will be cool when you're drunk to be in an alice in wonderland place...

My cool imagination ;)

Geez...spoiled much??
10 grand and 300 ppl, while parents are gone....since 9th grade....uh-huh--yeah---sure

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