what should i eat for dinner?!

Question: What should i eat for dinner?
for breakfast i had some instant noodles( i knw bad choice but i was in a rush) for lunch i had a ssandwich..what should i ear for dinner..something tht involves steak bc tht is the only kind of meat we have at home


Chop up the steak in little pieces and put it in a skillet with a little bit of olive oil and a pinch black pepper (it's really delicious) with veggies or potatoes and rice.

steak, peas, fried onions, mashed potatoes and gravy... or you could dice up the steak put it with mushrooms and onions maybe carrot too then lay the mash over it then grate some cheese n cook it as a casserole..... you can even use it in a stew or make some simple pastry and do stake and onion pie served with potatoe wedges or yorkshire pudding

Have some green veggies with a small amount of meat. It doesn't look like you've had any vegetables today. No refined carbs at night.

Steak, potatoes, and some type of vegetable. That's what we usually have with steak.

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