NEON 16th birthday party!?!

Question: NEON 16th birthday party!?
I was thinking about haveing a neon birthday party for my 16th. I dont really know what to do. It cant be to expensive but i still want it to be tons of fun. Have any ideas what i should do? I dont really have any so it would be a lot of help. I was also think of wearing neon clothes to school the day of my birthday. I cant really find any cute neon clothes if you know of some it would be really helpfull.


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DEFINITLY check out Oriental Trading for bulk fun stuff on the cheap.
I just typed the word "neon" into the search bar there and got 244 things LOL…
The Neon gangster hats and sunglasses are tooo cute! (and only $7.99/12)
Jelly Bracelets are fun and at only $4.99 for 144 of them, you'd have MORE than enuff! LOL!
IF you have it somewhere that would be bubble friendly, you can give 48 of your guests a mini btl for only $5.99
They have lots of cool color glow stuff too that could be lots of fun.

Grab some 3 or 4-pks of mens t's from walmart for like $10 and then hit the craft isle for some neon fabric paint--you guys can do your own shirts ;D
I've even seen neon colored Tshirts at Michaels Craft shops and I think they usually run like 3 for $12 or something like that?

If you have neon stuff, look into some black lights. Neon looks soooooo awesome in black light!

Those are just a few ideas that pop into my noggin LOL
I think that if you find a good source for some stuff, it'll just take ya over and you'll go nuts and have fun with it LOL!!
(Great fun theme!)

If you set up some black lights in your house, you'll all glow.

If you go that route, pick up some tonic water. Tonic is a sort of bitter soda that glows under blacklight. You can mix it with 7 up to sweeten it.

If you go the blacklight route, also have glowsticks.

Neon Birthday party? thats wierd I like it..hmmm I got an idea! U should where ducktape! Neon ducktape all over you on ur clothes and stuff it looks really cool and stuff u can also make disigns with it like hearts polka dots ect.! U could make it a retro party wear old clothes like sweater leggings ya know! tell ur friends this tell ur friends to wear neon bandanas...bright makeup neon! U could tell them to pour gliter on there selves if they got no neon clothes

Happy birthday. Ya neon will suit you.

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