is this a good party idea?!

Question: Is this a good party idea?
my birthday's soon, and it's Harry Potter themed. i'm turning 14, and i'm inviting 5 people, 2 of which are boys. We're gunna watch all the harry potter movies, until like 3 am and then we'll probably fall asleep. This is how it's gunna go
i'll tell my best friend to come a bit early. While i'm waiting, ill sort her into a house (xD) from a quiz i found online. Then, i'll paint her face, It's between the lightning bolt, the dark mark or 'i must not tell lies'. ill do the same to everyone else as they come. once everyones here, i'll go over the rules my mum wants, like who sleeps next to the boys, (me and my best friend, because we're super responsible) then we'll start the movies. around 9, we'll play some games like truth or dare, then go back to watching movies. my mums gunna be in every hour checking on us,

Should i change anything?
(theres gunna be chips and pop for snacks and such, we're sitting in the living room on the floor with lots of blankets, and the boys cant go in another room because our house is all girls, so they have no where to go,)


Sounds really fun. I really like your theme. :)

Yeah that sounds like a fun party but why can't you & your friend sleep in your room & the boys in the living room?

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