Some Glam Birthday Party Ideas.?!

Question: Some Glam Birthday Party Ideas.?
Hey there!
My party is going to in about a month, but to be honest, I have no idea what to do, lol... I need to have a really fun party that is grown up but not like cocktail party or anything. No sleepovers or rollerskating parties, I've had enough of those LOL! Any themes? Cakes? Invites? What to wear? Formal or Non-Formal? ANYTHING! I want it to be very glam also! :D thankss!


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you can make it the theme of your favorite movie.
mmm ice cream cake
just, normal handmade invites :)
you can wear something that ties into the theme
if you want glam,
try something like, legally blonde or the princess diaries xD

^I agree with her on the movie theme. Watch Sweet Sixteen on MTV. You will get tons of ideas. You can do a Vegas, Sex & the City, Winter Wonderland, Egyptian, etc theme. Those are just examples. Just do what you like, don't over think it. I think it should be formal, with girls wearing dresses and guys in dress shirts and jeans.

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