Alcohol ideas for a party?????!

Question: Alcohol ideas for a party?????
My ideas:
Spirits: Jack Daniels, Disaronno, Smirnoff, any toher ideas? Perhaps of rums, or anything else that goes well in simple mixes not elaborate cocktails.
Beer: Carlsberg, McEwans, Miller or maybe Carling, perhaps even Corona, not anything like Tennents or Stella. I hate the bitter tasteless ones, any recommendations of smooth enjoyable beers that have a lovely taste and don't make you reel back like you've sucked a lemon?
Cider: Koppaberg Pear? I like tasteful ciders, sweet but not sickly, I prefer Magners to Strongbow for instance.

Any suggestions? No obscure weird drinks please, keep it simple.


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the best mixes=
1. baily's with choc milkshake and icecream
2. red fire engine- vodka, lemonade, red cordial
3. midori and lemonade

its good to have girly drinks too like cruisers, smirnoff blacks, lemon ruskis, udl's etc. they are expensive so just get some like a 24 pack.
smirnoff is the shittest vodka, absolute is ok but 42 below is the best.
well i dont know about beer because i dont like or drink it.
hmm cider like the skyy blue apple cider and alcohol, i think its skyy blue brand?
Jim beam cans are good.

just google cocktails and stuff :)

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