I want to throw an awesome party.. I Need Help..!?!?!

Question: I want to throw an awesome party.. I Need Help..!?!?
Well I have a party every few months and every one is different, but my birthday is coming up and I want to through a kick *** party. In my basement. I have a big screen TV, A stripper pole and a table. There is tons of room. I usually have a strobe light flashing, loud music ( Rock and party rock), Some decoration and food.. And drinks ( I am legal drinking age).
Anything else? Cool drinks? Fun drinks? More deco?
What else can I add?


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Since you've mention that you have a stripper pole then why not make your birthday party as a pole dancing party. A lot of people have actually used that theme in a number of occasions from birthdays to bachelorette party. I tell you that it's really fun and your guests will be surely entertained. Hope this helps!

Uh, duh! An actual NON-STRIPPING stripper to teach pole-dancing would make sense?! A pole and a dancer kind of go together, don't you think? Women will get a kick out of it! Men will love watchin'! You can't go wrong! Or maybe invite several professional dancers to show different styles. They don't all dance the same in their business so variety might be nice (to your guests). But just be clean about it, RESPECTFUL; nothing sleazy, shameful or disgusting! I know how men can lose their decorum and get ugly real fast! You should know whether your friends and their friends can be trusted in a room of that caliber. If they're known to be rowdy and have lost their "cool" at other functions, then, DON'T DO IT or even better, DON'T INVITE THE ONES THAT HAVE NO MANNERS. If your party is taking place in a Christian home, then, of course, LEAVE OUT THE AFOREMENTIONED PLEASURE ! I wouldn't want to stir the pot or start something illicit. You say, you're of legal drinking age, then, make sure NO ONE DRIVES HOME DRUNK, TAKE THE KEYS and let them sleep it off on the floor when the party's over! PLEASE !!!!!! Have a safe, fun time!

do you know any local bands? get one to play live!

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