Ok, so Im having my sweet 16 party in a few weeks and......?!

Question: Ok, so Im having my sweet 16 party in a few weeks and......?
i need ur advice. We cant afford anything too expensive but theres like 8ish ppl i want to invite. I was thinking to go to the mall and have everyone chill but idk if thts gonna work out. Plz gimme any suggestions that are cheap, fun and sound like a good idea. themes, places, etc are welcome. thanks! <3


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Maybe cheesecake factory? with 8 people and get your own cake from liek coldstone. then you won't need to order cheesecake. That is what I am probably doing. Good luck :]]

When i had my sixteenth birthday a million years ago(by that i mean four lol) my mom had just got out of surgery so my dad's budget was not what i was used to but we totally made the best of it. I invited my 12 friends over(7 girls 5 guys) and we went to the local ice cream shop and told them it was my birthday so they brought us all "birthday cake flavoured) ice cream with candles in each little cup. After that we went to the local dollar store and each spent 10$ on a random assortment of things(from air horns, to glitter, beach towels. mops etc) and then my dad came and got us and we brought all this stuff back to my house and we had a hilarious time acting out random scenes etc using the props that we bought. We all then watched a dew movies(i think it was american pie presents the naked mile, halloween 2007) and all had a hilarious sleepover. It was tons of fun didn't cost much at all and i got to keep all the random things we bought(so i ended up with a rather lovely mop/pot holder/tupperware/feather boa collection) and everyone still remembers it to this day...but how could they not with the videos on youtube lol.

Hav fun and enjoy being 16.

you guys can go to a theme park near you or all just bring some really fun stuff over to your house and have a great time. Bring some food and girl type activities that would be fun to do. Music!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Also, something cool to do, would be have a spa day for your friends and you.

well, girl, you should know that your friends are lucky to have you. have fun!!

happy birthday

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