vampire party food ideas?!

Question: Vampire party food ideas?
my sister is having a 30th vampire party (she loves true blood) and she has asked me to cook some food for her, im a little stuck at what to make and have been looking on the internet but not a lot on there any ideas people? much appreciated :)


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chocolate fountain with white chocolate and red food dye.and lots of red punch, just go crazy with red food dye

You can make your own punch drink with the usual stuff and you can actually buy the stickers of True Blood bottle stickers to but on your glass from, as for the food you can buy sweet teeth fangs it would be mostly halloween food party from superpunch superpunch food recipes and for Vampire food idea's from who can give you all the food and funny stuff prepared I know its for a twilight party but you can add an adult theme for True Blood. Love the Show myself enjoy and hope this is of benefit to you good luck

soup with red food coloring red drinks and freeze red ice cubes . also mix raspberry or strawberry sherbert with gingerale and pineapple sherbert and add red food coloing its yummy. do people shapped cookies and since halloween is coming up there are a lot of candies that look liek people

aww awesome idea!!!! bloody mary's, "bat" wings (chicken lol) definitely have a bright red punch bowl! . red velvet cupcakes with red frosting! red fondue lol, like dipping food in blood. cookies shaped like bats xD have fun with it! be creative! :P

live cows, live deer and buckets of human blood. for desert maybe you could catch some sweet humans for fresh blood. i'm sure the guests would LOVE that.

Ketchup, lots of it. Goat's liver in blood. Red hot chilli pepper.

TO drink bloody mary

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