Ideas for birthday party/days out for teens?!

Question: Ideas for birthday party/days out for teens?
Im turning 14 in october, & was thinking about going on one of the shiverpool ghost tours. But i was wondering what else there could be to do? I dont want a party, or a themed party or anything. Im looking for days out for around 10-15 people.

I have done all the usual like bowling, the cinema, for past birthdays & im looking for something different.

Any ideas will be great(:
& i doesnt have to be in liverpool, just not to far away.


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go out to dinner
house party

Awesome. I'm 14, gonna be 15 three months after your bday. On my 14th birthday, my cousins, family and I ordered from pollo tropical and got a cake from publix. It's a really good mix of food to eat on a birthday. After food, you guys can:
*Collect money and go shopping for sweet deals at the swap shop or flea market or mall.
*Go to a skating rink.
*Go to Boomers, a carnival, circus, etc.
*Annoy a neighbor by knocking on their door, and running away.
*Take a zillion pictures to create a scrapbook afterwords.
*Oh yeah, if ur in America go around malls saying "Hullo, mate" or if you're in England go around malls saying "Hey, dude".
*At night, go to the movies and shout random remarks, but don't get caught. Also, have an unusual sleepover. At the sleepover, paint the face of the person who falls asleep first and make prank calls to boys you like.

These ideas sound crazy, but I'm a goofy person and like doing crazy things. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope I helped. (=

Myself and my personal experience.

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