what contributes a dinner party success?!

Question: What contributes a dinner party success?

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A good food, a warm welcome, good drinks, relaxed guests and hosts and a lot of time, punctuality of the guest to come in time.

It's as much about the guests as it is about the food. Have you ever arrived at a party, only to leave because you had nothing in common with the guests. Not much conversation. Have you been to a dinner party where what was served was made by someone who thinks they can cook well? Both are valid and both can be a determining factor in the success of any party.

retired chef.

Try to keep it casual and relaxed. Atmosphere, good background music, and a non-stressed host will do it, plus a buffet type meal.

Good food
Good Company
Great atmosphere
Great friends
Not a stuffy or dull party
setting the mood with some candles and some soft music
And a all around good time

A warm welcome, a relaxed host, nice but unfussy food. Mood music, not too loud. enjoy.

A lizard on female guest's shoulder. :)

Love and warmth!

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