What are some fun and crazy party drinks?!

Question: What are some fun and crazy party drinks?
I am going to an annual party that my family has, where we eat and drink all weekend. We have a drink contest that has gotten more and more intense every year. I need some good ideas for a crazy or fun or just delicious drink.

Examples from past years:
Orange jello shots- in the orange peel so they look like genuine orange slices, except the inside is jello shot.
Muff Dive- take a large bowl (we used an oversized martini glass) and fill it with whipped cream. make a shot and put it in the center... you have to take the shot using no hands.

They can be dirty-named or dirty-themed. I need some good ideas!


i would make a multi jello shot glass and fill it with vodka

first get a couple shot glasses for your mold

put plastic wrap over them (get 12 shot glasses to make 6 shot glasses out of jello

then you make 2 or 3 diff flavors of jello and pour only 1 of the flavors in the cups about 1/3 full or 1/2 depending on how many flavors you have right now then get another shot glass and put it over so it has a mold (you can put a little water in the shot glass so it stays down but it cant touch the other glass)

refrigerate :3 (like 10min so its jelloish)

ok now pour the room temp jello (that you made as you were waiting for the jello to chill)

and refrigerate again (15min)

repete the last step with the final jello flavor

now just take off the the top shot glass and carfully remove the plastic wrap

now tip the bottom shot glass and the jello should fall out in 1 piece

flip it right side up and pour your vodka or whatever you want in the jello shot

refridgerate untill guest arrive

(you can use these as body shots to ^^)

lastly enjoy :3

i made this befor and it was amazing =)

(you can name it lol but tell me what you named it if this is best answer :3)

pina coladas

am not sure just have alot of vodka?

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