Finger foods and desert reception?!

Question: Finger foods and desert reception?
my wedding is at 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon. So I know that since its after lunch and the reception is following immediately after wards I was wondering if and hors d'oeuvres deserts and champagne will be enough considering that it is a Sunday wedding and people will have to leave early because of school and work the following day


It's your day. Make sure that on the invitations you put "light hors d' oeuvres" will be served. I am a Director of Catering and my suggestion is that you factor 4-5 pieces per person on the H.D's and depending on what sort of desserts you are serving ie; petit fours, chocolate fountain station etc etc. The wedding cake is all that is required for Desserts. Etiquette wise... this is a Sunday afternoon event if your wedding ceremony BEGINS at 2:30pm you probably will not be out until after 3:30pm placing you close to the dinner hour for some. Hope this helps and feel free to e-mail me here if you need other assistance.


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