Is this a good party plan?!

Question: Is this a good party plan?
Not really a party, but a 'party'. =P
I invited a few friends over to bake a cake with me. And then we'll eat it together. (: But I can't figure out what to do next. What, we spent the whole day by baking ONE cake, ate it and do nothing? o.O; So I was thinking;

1. Movie
2. Games
3. Chat

Sorry, this is my first time doing this... er, I'm kinda lame in a point. xD Haha. Any ideals? Or we could make mroe desserts? :D I'm good with that.


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well movies and talking sounds fine, if you want more dessert ideas, you could make pudding, homemade ice cream, pretty much look in a could also have a little tea party with fancy stuff like croissants and danishes and stuff like that

I say Watch a movie or play a board game while the cake is baking. ;)

movie and chat is always good

Yes, I think so.the most importent is you like this

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