What to bring for BBQ Potluck Wedding Buffet?!

Question: What to bring for BBQ Potluck Wedding Buffet?
I was asked to help with food for a simple back yard fall wedding. I want to bring some sort of crock pot or finger food that does not require major refrigeration as I have to drop it off at the banquet tent, go to the wedding venue and come back. Meatballs, beans, salads, potato salads are taken.
No desserts as there will be cake. I am stumped!


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Veggie tray with dip, pulled pork with rolls, ham bbq with rolls, or fresh fruit salad

Get your crockpot and buy a roast (beef or pork) and then put it in a crockpot and cook it with a bottle of BBQ sauce and a little bit of water on low for 8 hours or high for 4 and then get some slider rolls (if they don't have slider rolls, just get dinner rolls) and then the guests can either make slider sandwich or just eat
BBQ beef/pork. The sliders would either work as a main dish or a finger food.

Good luck.

Maybe an assortment of dips??
Some ideas: guacamole, tzatziki, hummus, white bean roasted red pepper dip, artichoke-olive crostini, an olive tappenade, melitzanosalata, pineapple-peach salsa....ect. You can serve them next to crackers, good bread, pita bread, pita chips.

Or try a galette?
I like a zucchini ricotta mixture or maybe spinach and wild mushrooms, butternut squash and caramelized onion is also very good

I would suggest macaroi salad, but you said you didn't want anything requiring major cold time and that the salads were taken. Meatballs were already taken...what about those little weiners in a barbecue sauce? Those travel nicely in a crockpot.

Family gatherings

Corn on the cob(you can cut them in half and make them mini ones).
Macaroni salad.
Fruit salad.
Chips and dip.
Shredded pork with BBQ sauce and bring dinner rolls to make mini BBQ sandwiches out of them.
Baked potatoes.

Fruit platter - check out this page that shows how to make an pretty one easy



Crockpot: cabbage rolls. perogies. lasagna.

Finger food: bruschetta. cheese & fruit tray. salad rolls

How about a nice chili? Works great in the crockpot. A fall stew or soup could be great. Slow cooker ribs are good but might be pricy.


Macaroni and cheese..

Have a fruit tray with lots of different fruit slices.

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