Your favourite in this menu ? Pick a number?!

Question: Your favourite in this menu ? Pick a number?
Im having one of those days where i don't know what to cook but here are the options.
What's your favourite out of this menu? just curious

1- Grilled tenderloin beef ( Mushroom sauce ) with baked potato and Vegetables
2 - Chicken escalope ( with coleslaw and corn ) with potato wedges
3 - Chicken paprika ( with steamed rice ) and paprika sauce
4 - Chinese beef tenderloin ( with steamed rice and vegetables ) with soy sauce
5 - Chicken ceasar salad ( with cheese croissant ) light dinner
6 - Chicken croissant ( with lentil soup ) light dinner

Just pick a number or number(s)


They all sound very good, but I'd pick 4.
5 in a close second though.

Enjoy, whatever you make :)

6....Chicken croissant. Delicious.…

1 - You can never go wrong with grilled meat.

1 sounds nice :)


number 4 but that's only if you like chicken lol

my mum's favourite would be 4.

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