i want a good persent this yr i am just not sure what and i need a party theme i am turning 13?!

Question: I want a good persent this yr i am just not sure what and i need a party theme i am turning 13?
i am not a girly girl like all the make up and etc. but i am not boyish i am the middle


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I'm not sure about what to say about your gift , but these are some ideas you could do for you party

At the movies theme - Have everyone dress up as there favourite movie star or celeberity , decorate your house or venue with all hollywood stuff i.e lots of gold and sparkles , maybe some mannequins of marylin monroe and elvis , a fake hollywood sign , some little oscar statues around the place etc etc , once the party's over you could have some friends over for a sleepover and you could watch your fave movies

Hawaiian theme - I did this once and it worked out great ! Have everyone dress up in summery clothes and when they come in you can give them hula skirts and those flowery necklaces to emphasise the hawaiian look :) Decorate the place with all sorts of beachy stuff i.e some surf boards , flowers , a 'luau sign ' I had a massive glittery palm tree , coconuts etc etc , you could serve hawaain pizza and pineapple juice !! You could use coconut cups , also play music like 'Surfin' USA ' and that song from Lilo and stitch :D

70's theme - Have everyone dress up in 70's clothes , like afro wigs , flared trousers etc etc decorate the place like a 70's disco , have a disco ball lots of lights and colour make it seem yunno ... 'grooovay' :) you could play music from the 70's even !

60's / hippy theme - Have everyone dress up like hippies or 60's people , like flowery hairbands , circle glasses , peace symbols , flowery stuff ,get me ? Again , decorate the room with LOADS of colour and peace symbols , again play music from the 60's...

these are just a few , I'm sure if you thinkk hard there are LOADS of other cool themes :) Good luck and i hope this helped :)

Vampires are pretty popular right now.

The key to hosting any sort of themed party is to 'hint' at the theme, not go all out (over the top can = cheesy)

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