Technology homework help?!

Question: Technology homework help?
hey there technology is a subject in my school.
basically iam we have to make a pastry product in cooking ( so boriing )
and we are planing so i need to finish my pastry questionnaire so my teacher said ask 10 random people what they like and what not

so here's the questions...

1.Are you a vegetarian or Non veg?

2.What type of meat you like ?
-chicken -lamb ...?

3.What type of cheese do you like?
-cheddar ...
? Monterey Jack
? Brick
? Muenster
? Gouda and Colby
? Swiss and Gruyere
? Feta
? Asiago
? Fontina
? Gorgonzola
? Ricotta
? Pizza Cheese

4.Do you like spicy or medium spicy?

5.would you like a sweet pasty or savoury?

6.what shape samosas r triangle shape somefink like that (be realistic plz - so if you say a hexagon shape its not really anyfink is made of (make sense?)

7.if you choose savoury what type of vegetable or (non veg) meat you would like in the pastry?

8.what would you like in sweet ..?

9.what type of sauce do you like?

10. Are you allergic to anything like ..milk ..or anything every that is make out of pastry?

only one word answers plz your answers format should be like this ...

and max 10 people should answer.
plz take time answering this is not supid its just i can't find 10 random people so i ask it on


Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

1.not vegetarian
2.chicken, beef and steak
3.chedder and mozzarela
4.medium spicy
6.round (nice and simple)
7.beef, carrots, peas
8.i dont know understand what you mean by sweet, sorry :)
9.a kind of gravy sauce or a spicy sauce

Hope its ok x

1. Non veggie
2. Chicken
3. Cheddar and Feta
4. Medium
5. Not a fan of either but probably savoury
6. Round
7. Chicken and vegetables or steak in gravy
8. Rhubarb and jelly or cherry
9. Gravy for savoury, dream topping for sweet!
10. Nope

Hope that helps!

1, non veg
2, chicken
3, Cheddar
4,medium spicy
5, savoury
6, no preference
7, Beef or chicken
8, jam
9, gravy
10, no

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