Suggestions for easy large group dinners?!

Question: Suggestions for easy large group dinners?
I work at a church and for dinner on Sunday night we usually order pizza or bake huge bags of chicken nuggets. Since then our youth group has grown substantially and we now have the problem of feeding anywhere between 50-70 kids on Sunday nights. We need some suggestions for easily prepared food options that we can cook. We already have a chicken nuggets, and pizza but need more of a variety of meals. It would be best if we could buy the food in bulk and make it that way, with say 2-5 ingredients. No very labor intensive recipes please!


I don't know where you are but I'm in Los Angeles and we have this chain of restaurant supply stores that are open to the public (no membership required either) and they are called "Smart & Final". Anyways, they have these industrial sized cans of soup and chili. One can fits perfect in a crockpot. Also, those large trays of frozen mac & cheese and also lasagna. I'm sure if you found a restaurant supply in your town, they would sell to you as a not-for-profit. Those places have great ideas with their bulk food products too.

And, I've done a grill cheese bar. Get some electric griddles going and make some grilled cheese sandwiches with some ham, turkey, etc. and then a crockpot of chicken noodle soup (or tomato or whatever you like).

And, then you can do a nachos bar with chips and then all the sides (cheese, peppers, onions, meat, etc.).

And, a baked potato bar - bake a bunch of potatoes and then have anything you can think of for toppings - I've seen people bring guacamole, chili, and then all the traditional toppings. That's an easy one too.

French bread pizzas are easy to make and bake.

And, my daughters college does a Pancake Supper during finals. The kids like that. Inexpensive and again you can do all kinds of toppings - ice cream, jams, syrup, etc.

Good luck.

Spaghetti is allways delicious and easy. All you need is pasta, tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, and ground beef or sausage. I season mine with garlic powder, salt and pepper, and some oregano and basil. You can make it as simple as you like. Buy the already made spaghetti sauce, like ragu, or prego.

You could also do frozen ravioli, sloppy joes, or hamburgers and hot dogs. all easy to prepare.

Hot dogs, pre-made appetizers can be bought in bulk.

Easy side dishes like mashed potatoes made from boxed potato flakes

You could throw together some huge salads and add in already prepared grilled chicken. The salads could be veggie or you could use tri colored pasta.

A fruit and cheese platter

Pre-made frozen stuffed potato skins

A big pot of soup or stew (canned or homemade)

Buttered noodles with poppy seeds

Pre-made frozen mozzarella sticks

Cold cuts and rolls and Italian bread

Cold salads - potato, macaroni, cole slaw

Frozen Corn on the cob

How about meatballs? You can make them, but even better you can buy those big bags of frozen meatballs, grab some sauce to go with them and you're all set!

Baked potatoes.

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