I'm having a party? I need help with a lot of it?!

Question: I'm having a party? I need help with a lot of it?
It's called: Masquerade Ball At ______ Manor . . . OR . . . Night Of Masks At ______ Manor

I need to choose between those, and need a good, scary name for the manor, but not too scary because it's teens and younger. But no younger than ten or eleven though.

It can't be a mystery what so ever, but I want it to be a ball kind of. I can't decide, and I need all the help I can get. Please help, thanks!


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i really don't think the name matters, but you should go with "Masquerade Ball at Casper Manor" or sumthin

Masquerade Ball at the Terror Manor; Masquerade Ball at Disfortune Manor.
Something like that. It is really hard to come up with a name. Decorate like the movie "the haunted mansion." That place was creepy like but not too scary and it was a gorgeous ballroom. Use like black lighting cobwebs in corners or on the lights. Have streamers mix crossed on the ceiling, etc. Places to buy supplies at, at a low reasonable price are orientaltrading.com, partypro.com, partycity, walmart, target, dollar tree, etc. Try doing some research on where to rent a ballroom for the night and see if you can look up in an search for "haunted house themed masquerade ball" or "halloween masquerade ball". You should get a lot of advice and websites from all of it. I would list everything they said but then that would be too long. Good luck and remember to research. You're better off researching then asking questions on here. Personally I know that. GOod LUCK!!! :)

Well how about some of these ideas?

Masquerade Ball at ..... Shadow Oaks Manor
Masquerade Ball at...... Hallow Oak Manor
Night of Masks at Blue Moon Manor
Night of Masks at Illusion Manor

inspired by watching far too many Charmed episodes during college.

It could be Masquerade Ball at creepy Manor ......or...... Night of Masks At the terrifying Manor.

I prefare the second one

You could call it Night of Masks at Goosebump Manor, and from there theme it off of the different book

I think hold a simple party is good

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