What to do for a black-light party?!

Question: What to do for a black-light party?
Ok for my birthday I am gonna get some black lights and I know like if you wear white it glows and I know there is also body paint for it and I was just wondering what else can you do for a black light party?


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If you're looking for paint check out Liquid Latex Fashions. They have black light paint that glows really nicely under black lights. http://www.liquidlatexonline.com/liquidl… They also have a black light kit you may want to check out http://www.liquidlatexonline.com/Liquid-…

It's also ammonia free and made with FDA approved ingredients so it is safe for use on the face and body. They have really fast shipping and are even offering free shipping for order over $59 right now!


if you get a strobe light or one of those multi colored lights it gets even crazier, you can get glow sticks, cover the room in glow in the dark paint or glow stick fluids (just be careful!), wear neon colors, get glow in the dark stuff and paint you can throw at each other, you could see if you could find glo in the dark decorations, pretty much think glow in the dark! :) AND HAVE A DANCE PARTY :D!

Get a bunch of highlighters so people can write on your white shirts or the body. One time my friend and I bought neon blue and pink pants and they changed colors in the light! It was really fun! If you have empty clear glass bottles you could break a highlighter in them and then it will glow! Happy birthday!! Have fun!


put neon paper and wite paper on the walls ang eat black food or cool food and drink cool aid and wach scary moovies and play dark hide and seek in pich black with glow sticks and play truth or dare and stuff buy neon jewlery and have a dance with music realy loud and eat candt try hiding cany and have people find it have fun!!!!!!

well id put neon pink or yellow or blue or a neon color on ur shirts. go to a drug store or like jewel or domincks and ask if they have glow in the dark balloons!!!! sooooo cool
have fuun

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