I need some super fun, cheap, and easy to plan party ideas?!

Question: I need some super fun, cheap, and easy to plan party ideas?
Hi, thanks for answering. =]

I want to have a party, but our budget is sort of tight. So I need some super fun, cheap, and easy to plan party ideas. Here are some things that I am wanting:

1) Fun; it MUST be fun
2) Age; it has to be appropriate for ages 10-16
3) Dancing; all my parties have to have dancing!

This really means a lot to me if you answer. Thank you so much!


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I was going to suggest Oktoberfest, until I saw the guest's ages. :)

How about an end-of-summer luau?

If you have a party supply store nearby, flower necklaces and grass skirts are cheap, especially since it's the end of the season.

Music should be easy - Hawaiian and 50s beach pop would be corny and fun to dance to, and probably available from your library. Maybe you could do some internet research on hula dancing and what the movements mean, and try to teach the kids.

Food and drinks could follow the same theme: Hawaiian punch, maybe in a big bowl with fruit. Virgin pina coladas. (Umbrellas in the drinks, of course!) If you're planning for snacks or a meal, grilled kebabs would be easy to prep, cook and eat and can include chicken, pineapple, shrimp, etc. Maybe chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies. Combined with the usual party food, a few themed ingredients will make it more festive.

Games! What about coconut bowling? Pin the tail on the parrot? If you already have a backyard sandbox, maybe a sand castle contest. It's harder to think of games, but the props can be inexpensive if you make them yourself and use other things that you already have on hand.

Good luck! Theme parties are a lot of fun. :)

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