My 19th Birthday is in November, what kind of party should I throw?!

Question: My 19th Birthday is in November, what kind of party should I throw?
The party will have to be outdoors, but I love! Themed parties.
Since it will probably be chilly out it kind of narrows down the theme options.


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I suggest you host a winter party!

Aww, too cold for togas :( Maybe a choose your theme type of party would be neat. There could be a prize or something for the person who chose the coolest theme. Then if somebody dressed too cold it is their own fault because you didn't tell them an exact thing to wear.
Here are some ideas that could be warm if you don't like the first idea:
Hollywood, western, sci-fi, winter, black & white, fantasy, Disney, decades, casino, fiesta, Greek mythology characters... I hope you find one you like!

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