What are some good, easy foods for a baby shower?!

Question: What are some good, easy foods for a baby shower?
My baby shower is right around the corner and I am stumped on what to serve! Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Ham roll ups

Deviled eggs

cucumber sandwiches

Fruit swan

Baby showers are a territory I hate to see succumb to tackiness like so many other things do. Baby showers are meant to be and always should be formal, but relaxed. Nice and girly and sweet. No men allowed. Ever. Foods should include punch in a nice punch bowl some bottled water and little cokes on ice, little homemade or gourmet finger sandwhiches, maybe some nice cheese and crackers, fresh fruit tray, a very nice vegetable tray with dip, pretty little paper cups and napkins and a nice table cloth even if it is a temporary baby shower paper one. Plastic utensils are fine. Maybe a bowl of chips. And always, always, always, a very beautiful and nice baby shower cake (your local baker can put together a really beautiful baby shower cake). The three main elements of a nice and classy baby shower are: food, games, and presents. Games are the focal point. During the middle of the baby shower after people have become acquainted and had some refreshments, you will play baby shower games. Look up different baby shower games for ideas. Then presents. Most importantly, just like bridal showers, women should ALWAYS wear a nice skirt and blouse or nice slacks and top. Showing up for a baby shower in jeans or casual shorts in a major faux pas. But don't be altogether surprised if clueless younger people do if their mothers haven't taught them about proper tradition and attire at such important occasions.

Soup, salad and bread. Use crockpots to make the soup and keep it warm. Then have a big bowl of salad greens with small bowls of toppings around it for people to choose from as well as a couple types of dressing.

Or lasagne. It's easy to make a couple lasagnes ahead of time and freeze them. The just bake them the day of the shower. Serve with salad and bread

or you could have a cold cut and cheese tray with bread and condiments so everyone can make their own sandwiches. You could serve it with pasta salad, potato salad, chips, etc.

Vegetable trays are always popular. A lot of people like those little rolls filled with various
things such as egg salad, ham salad, chicken salad, tuna. Also many markets have beautiful
trays of cheeses, fruits, meats, veg., shrimp, desserts. Just some easy ideas.

Make mini triange sandwiches with the crusts cut off.. You can make alot of them at once so its idea. You make the fillings, for example salmon with creme fraiche and chopped dill, in bulk and then put it between two pieces of brown sandwich bread and cut the crust off then slice it twice across so u have four sandwiches.. make as many as you need.

Other things you can make are carrot and cucumber sticks with dip.

Get cocktail sticks (small ones) and put a piece of cheese, a cube of apple and a red grape on there. (colourful and flavours go well).

Lemon sorbet in little pots.


Look up canapé suggestions online (red caviar canapés are good and look fancy, smoked salmon too)..

Stilton cheese and cranberry sauce and crackers.. or just stilton cheese with crackers

Mini fruit salads

Smoothies or fresh juices

Make a big pizza and cut it into small pieces

Cookies in the shape of baby-themed things

Little cupcakes with pale pink/blue frosting, (match cake cases to frosting)

Make mini bags of candy.. few gummi bears or whatever tied in a piece of pink/blue fabric with a ribbon.

women seem to like figure foods and thy like healthy so I would get those little breads and have things like hummus

A party platter from Subway.

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