Where Can I Find Cheap Party Supplies?!

Question: Where Can I Find Cheap Party Supplies?
Well its not really a party but its a dance and we need to get some affordable supplies... so what stores can we find some for a really good price?


I've always found the best deals at locally-owned stores near where I live. Every major city has at least one party supply store. Since, I live in near Seattle, I usually go to http://www.everythingparty.com/ for all my party supply needs whenever we throw a company party. I suggest just googling (or yahooing) "Party Supplies" and [Your City] you're sure to find some good results, plus you're supporting local businesses!


We get all kinds of good stuff out of the dumpster behind hobby lobby, you won't believe what they throw out, we check it often and save up for the next party we might have or we give to the clubs at school

When you finish shopping at the dollar stores - I like this website for decorations / party supplies:


They have some good ideas too.

Good luck.

Almost all of the dollar stores have party supplies.

Are you kidding don't you have dollar stores where you are, Believe it or not the have great party supplies.

The dollar store!:)

at the dollar store it is Very and i mean VERY CHEAP

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