What is a good party idea for a 14 year old?!

Question: What is a good party idea for a 14 year old?
My daughter is turning 14 and we cant think of a party idea for her. She has done movies, drive in, sleepovers, scrap booking, cooking and scavenger hunts for parties themes in the past and they were all pretty good. But we need a GOOD, new, impressive, creative and over the top party idea for an OCTOBER birthday that is not fall or halloween related. :) Please get back to me,
Thank you for you ideas they are much appreciated. (:


Some party ideas or things to do at a party

Beach/ Hawaiian

Fear Factor type party

Beauty Spa



Corn Maze

Black and White party

Red Carpet



Chocolate themed party

Mall party
Here's something you could go out and look for at the mall1. One signature from a security guard
2. The name of a store in which the first letter is not capitalized
3. A magazine that has a picture of a popular music artist, actor, or actress in it
4. A free sample of something cinnamon-flavored
5. The ugliest-looking cosmetic item you can find
6. Something free from a store named after an itchy foot condition
7. A coffee sleeve from Starbucks
8. The cheapest item you can find at Claire's-get it and list the price
9. A tropical-smelling perfume sample
10. A mall directory
11. A notepad with an animal on the front cover
12. A straw with a wrapper that is not only white
13. Write something in Spanish off of a payphone
14. A picture of your entire group together
15. The tiny sample spoon you get at an ice cream store
16. A take-out menu
17. What color is the hair of the center mannequin in Limited Too's right-side window?
18. Anything from a 25 cent or 50 cent machine

Sports game party

Murder Mystery

Candy themed party

Board Game Party

Ethnic Food party

Magazine Party - Here's a party with it's own entertainment. Guests come dressed as title of a favorite magazine; a prize for best one. For invitations, just paste front cover of a magazine onto piece of white paper; with marker write details on reverse side.(or cut each of 8 magazine covers (of same size) into 8 squares. Onto each piece of white paper, paste a square from each magazine.) Pin magazine covers to tablecloth. For refreshments, reproducing a tempting dish shown in a magazine color photograph. For games: Unscramble Mixed-Up magazine titles. Identify Trademarks - Cut 25 trademarks from magazines, paste on cardboard, then number 1 to 25. Give a sheet of paper & pencil to each quest. Ask guests to number paper 1-25. Show trademarks, one by one; let them jot down manufacturer beside correct number. Prize goes to highest score.

Ice Skating Party

Hotel Party

Dance Party

the possibilities are endless

you could have a huge dance party, a masquerade party, a murder mystery, a carnival style party with carnival foods and games and jumpers and stuff like that, theme party of her favorite movie examples: grease, charlie and the chocolate factory, disney princess etc., you could have a bonfire style party with activities during the afternoon and at night all gather round the firepit and roast marshmallows and hot dogs, you could have a camp out sleepover, instead of a normal sleepover camp in the backyard in tents and play games like midnight hide and go seek and stuff like that, activities could be stuff like throwing paint at each other, games like truth or dare obviously, marshmallow wars with marshmallow guns, karaoke, they could paint her door or a wall in her room (like a mural, not just lets paint it blue), pinata, jumper, trampoline...there are a lot of options, when i turned 13 i had an american idol murder mystery (american idol was still cool then) everyone got picked up in a limo, we did karaoke, each had characters, only one was the murderer and only they knew who they were, slept over and the next morning we had to find clues to find out who killed simon, and even though this is halloween, this is what my friend did one year, we all went to her house, got dressed up as zombies with makeup and stuff, and then a party bus picked us up brought us to the haunted trails, an outdoor haunted house in our area, after we slept over at her house

my friend was turning 14 and she wanted to do amazing race...kinda like a scavenger hunt...have people team up in pairs of 2..get drivers and set up activities in different places around town! or anther idea is...tell her she isnt getting a party and throw her a suprise party!.....please get back to me when you choose one of these or someone elses idea cuz i would wanna know :)

my mom throws me alot of themed parties im turning 15 this year my suggeusts are
red carpet
glow in the dark
black light
alice in the wonderland

Why not just take the girls Lazer Tagging or Rock Climbing or Go-Karting or something she has always wanted to do, and never has?

Then have a sleepover..

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