16 Year old rave theme party?!

Question: 16 Year old rave theme party?
My sister-in-law is turning 16 and she wants a "rave" themed party. Im helping her plan this party but I am finding it difficult because of the age group and I myself have never been to a rave. I understand the concept I just don't see where I could make it age appropriate, which I don't know if that is possible.

Anyway, looking for some fun ideas for activites or decorations. Thank you!


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glow stick. lots and lots of glow sticks.

Rave paint, glowsticks, strobe lights, neon decorations (you can buy glow in the dark wallpaper and draw on it with rave paint - it looks insanely cool in the dark), make sure there's really good (loud) music. And one doesn't need activities at a rave if the music is still going :)

I rave alot. strawsss, edc, electro twist, dance addiction. Alll that.
A lot of bead bracelets.
Flashing strobe lights(Itll look like a paparazzi)
a proffesional photographer
youll need music by dj blend of course. "myspace.com/blendizzy"
a fog machinee
a dance floor
&& thats most of itt. (:

Go get some X from your local drug dearler and put it on a bowl on the kitchen table ;D (kidding)

Get some blacklights, blacklight paint, maybe a disco light (for my house party all I had was a disco light and some blue Christmas lights hanging from a ceiling), and glowsticks (check extremeglow.com for really cool lighty things - it's a wholesale site so you can get some cheap stuff too).

Set up a "chill room" where people can sit and relax when they need a break from dancing. Put some snacks there (not too many or the chill room will become the party - it can be so hard to get some kids to dance -_-) Also, get some colorful pony beads and string and leave them on the table so that guests can make kandi (kandi is a term used to describe colorful and often complex plastic bracelets which are made to be exchanged at raves as a symbol of respect and friendship - i have a huge bag full of kandi that I've gotten from friends at raves :D try http://www.kandikrafter.nl/home.htm)

As for music, the most important part obviously - if you can get a dj that would be great (don't get one of those stupid wedding djs though - maybe there's a local rave kid in the area with some decks who wouldn't mind spinning for a decent price.

If not (the birthday girl should probably do this part), look a bit into some of the genres of music played at raves - house/electro house, dubstep, drum and bass, hardstyle, uk hardcore, trance (those are the ones that come to mind but there are many many genres). Go online and find some quality mix sets of those genres. They should be about an hour long (if you're completely stuck, raversonly.com has a lot of mix sets though every genre isn't represented to its fullest imo). If she likes a particular genre, feature it, but the order each genre comes in should be similar to the order I listed them in. That way, you start off with something kind of funky, work your way up to the fastest most exciting genres (hardstyle and hardcore), and then end with something peaceful and relaxing.

Good luck!

I've been raving for a couple years :)

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