What are some interesting, different ideas for a 30th party venue?!

Question: What are some interesting, different ideas for a 30th party venue?
Rather than a stuffy old function suite. Somewhere we can eat, drink, dance and smoke


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-Hire out a whole undercover balcony at a Surf Lifesaving Club or other club.
-Check with your local council and see if you can set up a big tent and have it in a park. (may be some restrictions at night though.)
-Hire out a beach house for a couple of nights and have a beach party.

rent a limo, pick up 8-10 friends & go restaurant/bar/club hopping, and you have a designated driver! and if you want, everyone can plan on sleeping over, or you can drop them at their homes, where you picked them up! have fun...

Nightclub? there are ones that you can hire out for a FUNCTION , sometimes you can just book a corner table etc.

Nightclubs sometimes let you hire them out cheap (or free, if people are buying drinks) mid-week, worth asking!


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