Lolita Tea party help please?!

Question: Lolita Tea party help please?
I will be Hosting A Lolita Tea Party Later in the day and I need some Good Ideas For some Food To serve I Have No clue what to make. So Please give me so Ideas But mostly desserts


A lolita tea party sounds like fun! Most of the meet ups I host are generally outings with a dress code. First of all, you need to consider how many people you'll invite, the time, location, and their specific needs.

Ask yourself how many people you're willing to serve, which should help you decide how many servings you will need to make, and where to host the meet up at (it'll also help you spend less money!). If it's only going to be a few people, you may be able to host it in your home (inside or out), but if you're home is too small to handle a lot of people, then it may be appropriate to host it at a more public venue (whether at a park or even somewhere a little more private such as a hotel - usually the big meet ups such as the one in Chicago's Ritz Carlton will have at least 30 people). Since it seems to be your first time hosting a lolita meet up, I recommend keeping it small and simple.

Make sure that you have a time set up. It doesn't have to be exact. In fact, set up a few dates with time that already suits your schedule, and offer them to your invitees. Have them RSVP with the best timing and make it set as the exact date (if you're planning a big meet, do have an exact date no sooner than 2 weeks ahead of schedule - be concerned that they have lives too). If whether doesn't permit, you may need to reschedule or compensate such as having the event indoors. In my experience, two hours is more than enough as the minimum to enjoy tea with friends. Remember that having tea is a European meal, and the Europeans like to take their time to dine (seriously: go to France and I bet that the bill doesn't arrive until close). If you have plenty of time left over and your guests wish to be entertained, make sure that you mention time to have some fun during reservations, such as going shopping, visiting the zoo, or even playing video games (heck, ask for their opinions as well!).

Keep in mind that there may be guests who have specific dietary needs. Are they a vegan/vegetarian? Are they lactose intolerant? Are there any allergies? Is anyone a diabetic? Is anyone dieting? Once you know, you can make a few adjustments to your recipes and/or make specific foods for each guest. I'm not saying this because I mostly wear gothic lolita, but try to make your meals in proportion; think about it: several lolitas needing to go home early due to a stomach ache of eating too many sweets. Recipes for tea also involves foods that aren't covered in sugar. Yahoo answers isn't going to allow me to write more than I should, so I'll post some links of recipes and advice on hosting meet ups :)……

Make some really cute cupcakes! Also cookies or muffins :D I'm making green tea cupcakes with either blueberry or pomegranate frosting this weekend :3

cupcakes, cheesecake, cream puffs, eclairs, milano cookies, small pieces of brownies, or fudge...
most of these yu can just buy in the freezer section or bakery and thaw out... have fun!

Angel Delight?

you could make cupcakes and decorate them with japanese sweets :)

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