Question about disruptive kids in restaurants. Asked on Parenting.?!

Question: Question about disruptive kids in restaurants. Asked on Parenting.?
Just wondering if other restaurant people would answer the same as these parents who seem to think obnoxious kids in restaurants are appropriate.…


I couldn't believe some of the answers under your link. I do not go to a nice restaurant to hear screaming kids OR their parents yelling at them to sit down and behave. If I'm in McDonald's I totally expect children to be there and to be acting like children, but not when I'm in a decent/nice restaurant trying to have a nice meal with my husband. Children don't actually belong everywhere, contrary to what some people believe, and further, I should not have to stay in my house because I don't care to hear a screaming child while I'm trying to have a conversation with my husband over dinner.

This is one of the reasons I don't shop Wal Mart. Too many people who do not understand how to behave in public.

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