Can me and my son have our party together?!

Question: Can me and my son have our party together?
My son and I birthday are a couple days apart he is turning 1 and im turning 28 and since our birthday is so close to christmas I was thinking of having a little get together at home with close family and friends would that be okay or should we have them separate


I would believe it's completely okay to have both your birthdays celebrated at once. People do it all the time and i personally believe it doesn't make it any less special if that's what you were thinking and im sure no one else will think that either.

I think that would be fine, because he is so young. He won't like that when he gets older though :) Happy bday to both of you!!!

Well i dont think it would matter since he is still a baby. He wont really mind.

That sounds like tons of fun! double birthdays are twice as exciting-- plus christmas! sounds like a blast, have fun!

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