my birthday in a week party help 190 pointd?!

Question: My birthday in a week party help 190 pointd?
Ok well its my birthday and i want to have a little family party, and i was wondering if you know any cute cupcakes that dont have icing and what other food and drinks i should have ty so much best answer 10 points


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Srry i cant help much on the cupcake problem but it it family stuff and you want healthy food you should do Fruits; thinqqs like Melons, Watermelons, pineapple and thinqs like that cut up in cute designs like flowers and hearts. Of course not for the main dish but just as simple treats. Hope it works out(:

why don't you find a basic muffin recipe (they're exactly the same as cupcakes, only slightly bigger) and try adding different things to it? For example, try adding some of the following to separate batches:
* apple & muesli
* butter and vanilla
* choc chips
* white melted chocolate

Also try making some finger sandwiches that have fillings such as: egg and lettuce, ham, cheese and tomato, cucumber, etc.

Fresh fruit always goes well. Buy a melon baller ($5 from any kitchen section of a department store).
Get a fresh melon such as honeydew or rockmelon. Slide a very sharp knife into the side of it, not all the way through, and make a /\/\/\/\ kind of cut the whole way around. Scoop out the flesh from both halves using the melon baller. Then using the melon baller, scoop out some watermelon, papaya, honeydew melon, rockmelon, etc. making small balls.
Mix the balls into the 2 scooped out halves of melon you prepared, and put into the fridge until ready to serve. These make a gorgeous, fresh treat for family on a hot day, maybe with some fresh iced tea?

hey my b-day is in a week too. i'm born on september 14, and guess what our names are the same, Nila...well me name ends with Ni.. well for your b-day party i don't what to say, i just felt adding this comment.. ....i'm from outer space to post something that doesn't make any sence.

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