What all do I need to think about in planning my sweet 16?!

Question: What all do I need to think about in planning my sweet 16?
Im planning a semi-formal for my sweet 16 in january. i plan to invite about 40-50 people (is that too many?)

So far, my top priorities are...

-date (fri or sat)
-The guest list
-invites:when to hand out,etc
-Other activities
-Showing Ferris Bueler's day off (fav movie) projecting it on a wall
-other ideas for activities?
-Space: im thinking my house as im not wanting to go all out $-wise
-Masks: i think il get some close friends together to hotglue decorate some plastic mardi-gras masks from a party store. that way people wont be expected to bring masks, but theyll be fun, not just cheap plastic things that no one ends up wearing. sound good?

Random Question: how do i go about people bring others? im sure il have friends who will want to bring a date that i dont know as well. i know all of the people well so i trust that who they invite will be appropriate and respectful. the issue is, how do i let people know its okay? is that something you put on invitations? that sounds tacky to me.


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Sounds fun! When you address your invitations, out your friends name and "Guest" or make up small response cards you'll slip in with the invites that look something like this:

Please respond by ____________.

Attending: Yes___________ No___________

Number of Guests Attending: _________

You should probably hand out your invites a month in advance so everyone has time to respond or RSVP. Finger foods and small sandwiches are always a good party food. Maybe some pretty cupcakes tiered on the table, or cheesecake tarts. You can also drape tulle across the ceiling for an elegant feeling (tulle is super cheap too) and some pretty candles and candle holders.

I plan parties everyday :)

Forty or 50 people in your house is way too many. 14 or 15 in my house is pretty crowded and I have a large house.I don't want people in my bedrooms rummaging around. You should positively ask permission of your parents. That was not on your list.

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