What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?!

Question: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Wow... You're gonna get a lot of answers for this one!
My answer for best store bought ice cream is... And it's based on personal experience only...Vanilla Bean, by H?agen-Dazs. It is by FAR the best store bought ice cream I've ever had.


Anything close to chocolate. The darker, the better. Fudge, cookies and cream, double dutch. Anything close to chocolate mainly.
Pistachios too! :D


I like chocolate, cookies and cream, and fudge brownie. I also like dairy queen's oreo sundae.


Ben & Jerry's Wild Maine Blueberry - it is however a flavor that has been retired to their ice cream flavor graveyard.

Vanilla-gotta go with simplicity.
OR that vanilla ice cream with chocolate sticks
OR Breyers creamsicle MMM

Vanilla. I'm... I'm not a very interesting person.

Mint Chip! You have a bit of tang from the mint balanced out by the creamy dairy and sweet chocolate. Best stuff ever!


Strawberry and chocolate!

Vanilla, just like everyone else.

Coffee! :)

Green tea FTW!!!! XD Its not too sweet and not too bitter :D

cookies and cream

thats a hard question, ummm I have a lot??????

rum raisin

gurl yu kno its that...


Real Vanilla for me please. My spoon is ready lol

dulce de leche

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