16th birthday party on the beach?!

Question: 16th birthday party on the beach?
For my 16th birthday in about three weeks (I live in Australia, so it's Spring), I was thinking of having a party on the beach. :) There will be about 30 people, boys and girls... What can we do at a party on the beach? Ideas? I am not allowed to have alcohol/drugs/etc. there. Another thing... It is possible one of my parents may want to supervise, how can I stop them from making it lame?


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Bring some music or hire a DJ. For snacks bring soda, juice, pineapple, candies in a bowl, and get an awesome cake!!! Do some thing fun like have a limbo contest, or ask your guests to bring there swim suits so ya'll can swim after you dance. I hope you have a great sweet 16!!! Having one on the beach seeems sooo cool!!!!! i've always wanted to have my party on the beach too!!!!

Maybe have a huge bon fire on the beach with music, swim, dance, limbo, volleyball, or whatever you love to do. Places to check out things for your birthday party are orientaltrading.com, partypro.com, birthdayexpress, birthdaydirect.com, ustoy.com, pinatas.com, partycheap.com, partysupplies.com, partycelebration.com, partymakerdiscountmegastore.com, and so much more. With whatever you do remember its your birthday and you only turn 16 once. Ohh and to keep your parents away.... set up a separate bonfire or area for them to enjoy and relax and have fun while still watching over the party. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Have a BBQ on the beach and play some sweet tunes. That sounds like a good time to me,and try to have your party when it starts getting dark and make a fire or something if its not against the law where you will be having it.

play beach volley ball, awesome game :)

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