Im turning 12 years old and my birthday is about 2 weeks away and im not sure what to do help!?!

Question: Im turning 12 years old and my birthday is about 2 weeks away and im not sure what to do help!?
There will be about 12 girls ages ranging from 11-15 and i have already done a scavenger hunt a pool party getting our nails done etc. do i want to do something different any ideas? Please help!


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Mallory, you should ask your friends who are comming to the party that live close to for ideas.

But here are some:
YOu can do themes where the party reloves around it.
halloween/ dressup
costume party
ice skating
magazines ( Here's a party with it's own entertainment. Guests come dressed as title of a favorite magazine; a prize for best one. For invitations, just paste front cover of a magazine onto piece of white paper; with marker write details on reverse side.(or cut each of 8 magazine covers (of same size) into 8 squares. Onto each piece of white paper, paste a square from each magazine.) Pin magazine covers to tablecloth. For refreshments, reproducing a tempting dish shown in a magazine color photograph. For games: Unscramble Mixed-Up magazine titles. Identify Trademarks - Cut 25 trademarks from magazines, paste on cardboard, then number 1 to 25. Give a sheet of paper & pencil to each quest. Ask guests to number paper 1-25. Show trademarks, one by one; let them jot down manufacturer beside correct number. Prize goes to highest score.)
ect. the ideas are endless. (:
hope this helps! :)

maybe you should go bowling,go to a theme park,go to a water park,shopping(ask them to bring their own money),go to a skating or ice rink,give each other makeovers,or maybe go to john's incredible pizza hope you have a great party :)

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