Who likes ice-cream?What is your favorite flavor?!

Question: Who likes ice-cream?What is your favorite flavor?
Tell me your favorite ice-cream!


Who doesn't like ice-cream? I cannot decide on my favorite flavor! LOL.

I like chocolate the best though!

I don't like ice cream. I love ice cream. The whole family is a big bunch of ice cream heads. My grandmother lived across the street from a dairy and always had tons of hand packed ice cream in her freezer. Ah, sweet memories.

I like spumoni best, especially Prairie Farms.

dulche de leche (caramel with caramel swirl)

cookie dough

mint - chocolate chip

cake batter

and chocolate/vanilla

oh so i can't decide but my top three are:
orange chocolate chip
boysenberry ripple
and amarena!!
ice cream is great!!!!!!!!

I love ice cream!!! well I like caramel, banana-split flavor, and mint!!! :P

mint chocolate chip-
doesn't leave me as cloyed/sick as the other flavors do,
which means i can eat more of it ;)

My favorite is mint chocolate chip. :)

Mint chocolate chip

my fave flavor is coconut mounds ice cream..oooh with lots of hot fudge and whipped cream

cookies and cream...yummy

douche de licke

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