15th birthday party please help!!?!

Question: 15th birthday party please help!!?
Okay so I will be 15 in two weeks! I need party ideas! I want to do something with about 12 girls and we dress up (like cute dresses) and stuff and hang out and have fun. i was originally going to go out to eat but its too expensive.. then i was going to have a fancy italian dinner at my house and then swim (cause i have a pool) but if you have any ideas as to what i can do.. and we can dress up and take cute pictures please let me know asap!!!!


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Watch a movie of course, do a fashion run way show (if you want), think of things you can do..

i have the same problem rite now!! i am thinkin of a dinner party but at home have someone cook something diff that u usally dont eat, and take picture maybe a fashion show! the only prob for me is ima hav bois at my party so idk wat to do!

watch a movie, play some board games.
go to the mall, and most importantly, eat cake

lots of ideas here:

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