what is the best finger foods to have at a birthday party besides cake and ice cream?!

Question: What is the best finger foods to have at a birthday party besides cake and ice cream?

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Cheese balls (not the chips: dough filled with real cheese), chips, veggies with dip or salsa (for the vegetarians), mini sandwiches, deviled eggs (very tasty), or those mini toasted breads topped with salads.

Peanut butter and jelly ladyfingers, egg salad ladyfingers, tuna salad ladyfingers, chicken salad ladyfingers, pimiento cheese spread ladyfingers. Chips and dips also work,. Coctail farnks and meatballs with toothpicks will also work.

Mom's catering

chicken wings, fruit kabobs, tortilla chips with dip,deviled eggs,cookies,cheese on a stick, crackers and meat (salami,sausage,etc.), potato chips,little sandwiches,etc.

age would help, but, i think;
bagel bites, pizza, assorted chips & dips, fruit, meat & cheese platters, rolls, crackers, veggie platter, quiche, deviled eggs, wings.

fries...chicken fingers...wings...potatoe skins...pastelilos(spanish empanada)

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