Im turning 12 and i was wondering what you thought about this idea...?!

Question: Im turning 12 and i was wondering what you thought about this idea...?
I might have a movie night where all my friends come (there will be 13 inculding me) in there pj's and we will eat a bunch of snacks and watch 1 or two movies. And also if i do end up doing this what are 2 good comedies or sad or romantic movies we could watch?
Thanks for all your help.


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50 first dates

The Princess Bride (It's old, but it's one of my favorite movies)

Sweet Home Alabama

Pretty Woman

Dirty Dancing (Kind of old, but Patrick Swayze... Yum!)

umm first of all it's kinda like a pj party or slumber party, second u can never go wrong with the twilight series, and maybe some scary movie or the last song

yess that's a good idea, some good movies would be: 21 dresses, the notebook, twilight series, dear john, mean girls. Good luck:)

welllll maybe u shud watch scary movie series or sumthin lik tht

im 14 i shud kno rite? yeah

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