what are some good birthday party ideas for a 15 yr old boys party?!

Question: What are some good birthday party ideas for a 15 yr old boys party?
i am having my 15th birthday party, i don't want anything fancy something teenagers that like to dance


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all white party have everyone dress in all white...with black lights and strob lights,streamer's and ballon's glowsticks... have the place all decorated in white it looks alot better under the blacklight... have a small dj or mix cd's and a small minni finger food buffet mini burger's,pizza roll's,mozz.stix,wing's,chip's,dip,cooki… or cake etc.... since you wanna dance have dance off's with prizes...have a all white tee that everyone sighn's with glow in the dark marker...and juss have fun...hope ive helped or given you sum ideas..

good luck..and happy early bday..

I agree with paintball, it's great for all sorts of ages. My son became a club member after his party there, in fact he described it as 'the best day of his life'!


Have Party Animals come and bring a petting zoo and a moon bounce! Maybe you can do arts&crafts! If you're looking for a good theme, I think Scooby Doo is always fun!

That's what I did for my 15th birthday and it was a hit!

watch pg-13 movies

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