What is a good theme for a boy's 17th birthday party?!

Question: What is a good theme for a boy's 17th birthday party?
I am having like 50 people at my house for my birthday. I want people to dress up, not formally, I mean like costumes, but i don't have any idea what they should dress up as! There will be music, so they have to be able to dance. Any ideas?!?!?!?!?!?


There doesn't have to be a theme, just write on the invite that it is a costume party.

Or, some ideas:

Movie star/celebrity/movie character
Occupational ( doctor, plumber, teacher)
Pimps and hoes
Hawaiian theme

For the Hawaiian theme you could wear Hawaiian print shirts, those flower necklaces (buy a heap and give one to everyone that
comes,it's a nice party favour) grass skirts, Hawaiian music, coconut drinks, Hawaiian pizza etc

Pirate can be fun, and you can get cheap Hooks, swords and eyepatches at novelty stores. And you get to be the captain for the night!

Pimps and hoes is also fun, but it depends on what your friends/family are like.

Have fun!

throw a haunted house party have everyone come dressed assomething scary...and have the whole place decorated all scary you can also have scary food idea's at google...just google scary snack ideas choose images and you'll have alot of ideas.....you can also have a .sexiest costume for girl's and scariest costume for boy's competition with small prices...maybe..well thats all i can think of good luck....

im comeing as a sexy dead nurse.....

Well usually you'd need one stripper per 5 people but with 17 year olds I'd say 1 per every 10 is good enough. So that's 5 strippers. Then you'll need just as many kegs. And last but not least you should get one prostitute for the birthday boy. If you really want to go the extra mile I'd also suggest an erotic cake with a giant black member on it.

Have Fun!

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