What are frat parties generally like?!

Question: What are frat parties generally like?
Description anyone? I'm heading off to college in a couple of days and I want to be fully prepared and know what to expect...

is all that goes on at these parties is drinking? because if is then i'll probably get bored...


Music, drinking, drugs, sex and a whole lot of testosterone. The making of a bad reputation. Other than one of their more "formal" affairs (with a date), they are boring. More fun to do your laundry or go to a movie.

Nope .... I don like it ... its just stupid .and really boring ... pretending to be an adult ...
you can enjoy or may be bored like me .... but that all depends up to you ....
you know what to expect but you dont know what awaits 4 u ... u may be bored or enjoy ...
really god knows ...

It depends on the fraternity I suspect. I mean, nothing much more would happen with a Fraternity that is largely christian based.

what would be worse a frat party or a fat party?

Been to both , fatties a bit better

sex, drugs, alcohol, music, drunk people

Yes drinking and stupid games... Your not missing much.

Sex, Drugs and good ole Beer!

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