I need help with preventing highschool drinking!!?!

Question: I need help with preventing highschool drinking!!?
I am a sophomore in highschool and i am faced with drinking every weekend! i am really unsure of what to do, i want to hang out with my friends on friday and saturday nights but i dont want to go get drunk at a party. They have parties with underage drinking and i dont like that. i am in no way a nerd i play football baseball golf and basketball and only have a 3.4 gpa. I just want to have an alternative to drinking at parties but cant think of any! I have thought about calling the cops on the parties to make people scared of them and not want to go but i feel like an *** hole if i did that.... please give me any advice


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HAHAHA Are you Mormon or something?!!? as sad as it is i guess if you didn't want anyone to know, bring a bottle of pop and just tell people you are adding liquor to it, they will never know if you dont let them taste it.

Option2: Smoke weed, no need to get drunk with all the fun of the party

Option 3: Gay it up and drink some coolers, they are easy to drink, but will hurt your image... you choose

Drinking every weekend since grade 9

Find new friends. This can be hard, but once you're older, you'll most definately understand that its best, cuz bad friends can REALLY impair your judgement even if yo don't notice it.

Bring your own drink and DO NOT by any circumstances, set it down anywhere out of sight, come back, and then drink it. People do drug slip....just saying.

And please don't give into the social norm EVER.

Find other things to do besides party to eliminate the possibilities of your friends drinking.

maybe you need to go find new friends who don't drink all the time
you can't stop your friends from drinking and they are gonna get in trouble if they keep doing it
so just don't go

Go to the party but don't drink.

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