is asparragus supposed to make you pee?!

Question: Is asparragus supposed to make you pee?
idk..i saw it off austin powers..


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No, it makes your pee smell funny because it contains a sulfurous compound.

Asparagus contains a sulphurous compound known as Mercaptan. This is the same compound found in rotten eggs, garlic and onions. When Mercaptan is broken down in the digestive system it releases certain by-products that cause the strange smell. However, not everyone suffers from this strange side effect of eating Asparagus. Only some people seem to have the gene required to make the enzyme that breaks down Mercaptan within their digestive system meaning these people do not suffer from strange smelling urine after eating Asparagus. The process of eating asparagus to the end result of your urine smelling odd is so quick it can occur 15 minutes after eating the Asparagus.

seems to also can change the color if you eat a lot

Of course not.

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