Need ideas for a Glee themed birthday party?!

Question: Need ideas for a Glee themed birthday party?
I am having a Glee party for a group of 11 year old girls. I'm looking for ideas for goody bags and party games. So far I have Slushies, "Pin the Mr Shoester hair on Sue", and possibly Karaoke. For goodie bags I wanted to do themed stuff but all I can think of is antibacterial soap (Ms Pillsbury), Cheerios (cheer-leading team), and gold star stickers. I'm making a glee themed cake and cookies.

Any other ideas?


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Have them come dressed as their favorite Glee character and give an award to the best costume. Maybe have them perform a Glee song or make up a Glee number and give an award to the best performance. For goodie bags, you could also have little toy dolphins (because Brittany thought dolphins were gay sharks), small packages of Goldfish crackers (for Finn), and a little whistle (for Ken and Sue.)

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