Can I get a refund for my Ugly Wedding Cake?!

Question: Can I get a refund for my Ugly Wedding Cake?
For my wedding cake, I ordered a cake that had 3 tall and narrow plain white fondant tiers with a single large magnolia flower and silver ribbon at the base of each tier (photo 1). The cake I got on my wedding day was visibly slanted and had lumpy fondant and even the ribbon used was wrong (photos 2 and 3). When we initially discussed the cake, she said she each tall layer would really be two layers with a board in between for support. The cake we got on our wedding day did not have the boards and she said had to take it out because it left ridges around the cake. And then she blamed my cake tray (see photo 4) for having hallow centre for making the cake fondant lump up. She has offered me a $50 refund on my $300 cake and a $50 credit on a future cake. Not being a baker myself, are her reasons valid for delivering such an ugly wedding cake which was truely disappointing to us on our wedding day? Should I ask for a bigger refund?

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"ruined the day?" no. Still deserve a refund though. The cake delivered didn't match what you ordered.

You paid by credit card yes? Please say yes... Ok, so if the bakery won't refund your money, call the credit card company and explain the situation. They can do a charge-back, which refunds the money to your account, and then the bakery has to explain to the credit card company why they couldn't deliver such a simple cake.

If you didn't pay by credit card, you can always take the bakery to small claims court for failing to deliver the proper cake. You don't need a lawyer to file for small claims court - in fact you can't use a lawyer. You and the baker show up to court, make your arguments, and then the judge decides.

Oh, and submit the photos to "" - the person who runs the site collects photos of cake decorating disasters and disappointments. At least it'll give you something to laugh about.

And may your new life together have fewer lumps in it than your cake did!

No. She didn't deliver on what was requested and she is making stupid excuses to cover for it. Tell her a $50 refund is not acceptable, and that a $50 credit is worthless to you because obviously you wouldn't trust her to make the cake for your next event.

you should go to the BBB and report her. the cake wasn't that bad, don't worry. your guests probably didn't notice much. no one really cares about the cake anymore, that's why I had apple crisp at my wedding.

Ask for a bigger refund. She should have told you about the problems before the day of your wedding. She ruined your wedding day.

Ask for a bigger refund!

Her reasons are invalid, she is just making excuses for not doing a good job. If she was not able to produce the results you wanted, she should not have taken the job. I wouldn't expect it to be picture perfect like your photo example, but there is no excuse for the lumpy fondant and the lean of the cake.

I would demand the $100 refund, vs. the $50/$50 towards a future cake credit she wants to give you. Like others have said, why would you want to buy another cake from her?

Good luck!
~ Maria

~ 5+ year cake decorating instructor

The fondant is lumpy because the icing underneath was lumpy. This lady is obviously not a professional but maybe a home baker. I would have used a layer of marzipan underneath to ensure a nice smooth finish but not everyone likes marzipan. A thicker layer of fondant can give you a smoother appearance as well as being sure the icing underneath is completely smooth. As for the refund if you did consume the cake you shouldn't fairly receive a full refund. Have you seen her work before? It's a buyer beware world. At the same time she shouldn't have represented herself as a professional if she is not. If you are not happy with her work and don't see yourself ever purchasing a future cake from her maybe the refund should translate into $100 total.

If there was a contract you could get a full refund. However, it sounds as though you may not have one. It's not professional of her to blame materials, etc for her shortcomings as a cake decorator. If something didn't work then it was her job to fix it to make the bride happy. I would tell her to give you at least $100.00 back, as you won't be needing the 50.00 future coupon for her services, you learned the first time. Make sure you let her know that if you are not satisfied with the refund you will be more than happy to spread the word about what a crappy job she did for you. Word of mouth can make or break a business, especially wedding cakes.

She's obviously not a professional. Next time go to a bakery and don't order such an important cake from a person baking out of their kitchen unless you can have seen with your own two eyes that this person does an amazing job.

She should have already knew that the size of your cake couldnt use boards because she should have already knew it would have left ridges. And it was lumpy because she doesn't know how to smooth fondant right. As for it being slanted she probably didn't wait for the cake to cool down all the way.

If you didn't eat the cake you can take her to a small claims court in your town and they will probably grant you a full refund. If you did eat the cake tell the lady you want $100 refund since you will never be returning to purchase another cake in the future from her so you will not need the $50 off your next purchase.

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