teen halloween party! help me!?!

Question: Teen halloween party! help me!?
Ideas for my Halloween party? 13-14 year old girls! Should I invite guys?? I'm gonna have a bonfire! It's gonna be like in my garage and yard. (I have a really big and nice yard!) Should we roast hot dogs? Or have pizza? What other foods should we have? Decorations? Games? We'll have a hayride around my neighborhood.

Guys? Should I invite them? And how do I explain it to my parents? They're kinda weird about it....



No boys, you're 13 or 14!

I would make cupcakes with pumpkins or black cats on them.
Have a huge bowl full of candy for your friends to grab from whenever they want.
Fruit punch and maybe add a drop or two of black food coloring to make it a darker red like blood.
Since you're having a bonfire I'd roast hot dogs.

Decorations - Pumpkins, have spiders hanging from trees and things, maybe get a fog machine.

1) I'm providing a link to a Squidoo lens which has a great Halloween resource list, including Top 10 lists of Scary Movies & Halloween Party Music, and lots of party ideas for you to plan your Halloween party

2) Also I'm providing a link to a hand-picked collection of 60 Creative Halloween Party Invitations, created by some of the best artists, to really set the tone for your party... you know truly unique invitations not available in your retail store

I'm providing the link to the collection of Halloween Invitations below

Halloween Fun Ideas!

Top 60 Creative Halloween Party Invitations!

Why not invite guys? You should have both male and female friends - it's good to hear balanced views on different issues!

A great game is apple bobbing (floating apples in a bathtub, tying hands behind your back and bobbing your head in to bite them and pick them out). Another less healthy game is tying donuts/dough rings to something above you (maybe a rafter in your garage?), putting a spoon of syrup on them, tying your hands behind your back and seeing who can eat them first. Your face becomes a sugary, sticky mess - it's great.

Have a good time!

No I wouldn't invite guys. They'll just cause unwanted drama.
For food I would do s'mores and make your own mini pizzas using English muffins.
Decorations would be carved pumpkins, glow stick on a string, the fake spider web stuff preferably glow in the dark, fake skeletons. Anything Halloween related really
Some game ideas
-Doughnut on a String
you put a donut on a string and have two or more friends race to see who can eat the donut off the string with their hands tied behind their back.
-Pumpkin Bowling
Choose smallish pumpkins with short stems (depending on the ages of your party guests). Set up 1- or 2-liter plastic bottles and tape off a starting line for an instant bowling alley. Fill the bottles with a bit of sand or rice if they topple over too easily. You can also have kids decorate the bottles with stickers, markers, and other art materials
-Mummy Wrap
Divide your friends into teams of three or four. Give each team a roll of toilet paper or one roll per person, and then tell them to choose one team member to be the mummy. The kids must wrap the mummy in toilet paper as quickly as they can, and the first team to get to the end of their roll(s) wins.
-Word Challenge
Hand out a piece of lined paper with a Halloween-related word or phrase at the top, such as "Happy Halloween" or "Haunted House." Give the kids five minutes to come up with as many new words from the original letters as possible, like "wall" or "peel" from "Happy Halloween" or "dent" and "she" from "Haunted House." Give the child with the most (legitimate) words a prize at the end
-Not a game but an activity is to watch a scary movie
-The Ghost and The Witch
One child is a witch and must leave the room. The other children sit on the floor in a circle. Give one of the children a paper ghost, and have them hide the ghost somewhere in their costume, such as in a pocket, under a hat, etc. The witch must try to figure out where the ghost is. The closer the witch gets to the ghost, the louder the children moan like ghosts. Have the children take turns being the witch and the ghost. (This game is silly, but it might be fun)
-Gross Food Guess
You will need 5 or more paper bags that are made so that you can't see through them. You will want to line the bags with plastic. You will be placing food in the plastic bags.

Items to place in bags: Modify as needed
First cut up bananas and mash them up. Then put them in bag #1. (Mashed Brains)
Then take grapes and peel the skin off of them and place them in bag #2. (Eyes)
Take stick pretzels and let them soak in water until they are still hard but a little bit soggy. Place them in bag #3. (Wet Bones)
Take spaghetti sticks and cook them so that they are soft and bendy. Place them in bag #4. (Intestines cut up)
Place dried orange peels in bag #5. (Dried Skin)

Now have the kid’s line up to take turns trying to discover what is in each bag. Before they put their hand in bag one, tell them that they will need to remember which bag had what in it. After the first person is done give him or her a pencil and paper to write down what he or she thought was in bag 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.The person who gets the most right or the closest to the right answer can receive a prize.
You may want to give each kid a few paper towels or wet naps so they can clean their hands. Also consider moving the yuckiest item last so consider moving the bananas to last and the dried orange peels to first

And last but not least you should be a lady bug, or a character from your favorite cartoon or movie.

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