Fun party ideas for a 12 year old?!

Question: Fun party ideas for a 12 year old?
Fun ideas for a 12 year old party sleepover?


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Omg when i was 11 im now 12 me and my 2 bestt frandss:)
went to the Plaza Hotel in NYC we got there early morning, checked in, then we did some funn stuff:) there was an indoor water park in NYC so we went there for like 4 hours:)) thenn we had dinner and lunch Linner lolzz then we had a watermelon eatin contest then we painted out nails and toes crazy!! then we got plain white t shirts and took markers and we made like t shirts and we all signed them. Ok then we went to beddy bye at like 2.00 we also played a game called who licked me? don't ask.... OK then we got up again then we went exploring NYC shopping and such lollllololll
then we saw the PercyJackson movie then we had linner again took the train and went back home!
One of the best things i had ever done in my life!!:)

hey i'm 12 and DON'T do the disney movie thing because honestly i think that is a bit lame... i remember my friend Emilee's sleepover we played like guitar hero and stuff... do something with glowsticks, that NEVER fails!!! lol but yeah um... i will probably edit this later with more ideas... lol

try googling your question

You could do a Make-over party, or let the kids make cookies or other fun foods. Or a costume party. Or a scrapbooking party.

I have tons of ideas feel free to email me at

I have 3 girls.

everything you need is here:…

I would suggest to play her favorite game then at night watch a really scary movie with popcorn ofcourse (maby they could watch like the strangers or somethin scary like that)

Get a disney movie in with popcorn exetra before bed. Before that, just play games and stuff.

Let her tell you.She might want a sleepover with friends or a dance type party with BOYS.

It would be easy to help if you said boy or girl. So now I'm left to assume your child is a transvestite.

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