Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas?
So my birthday is in December and I am turning 16. I want to do something really fun, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. Do you guys have any creative ideas for a birthday? I've never had a birthday party so I don't know about that. I am always the one who is sitting in the corner at everyone else's birthday party, so I don't think I want to sit in the corner at my own. Any other ideas? Thanks so much!


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look thru the party ideas here, and pick one that you like:

Well it all depends! Do you have a budget? You know were are you going to have this party? You have a lot of friends? Are you ghetto? Preppy? Goth? Punk? Is there a theme for your party? All this stuff here you have to answer in order for you to know what type of party you want. Ofcourse you won't be sitting in the corner at your party, your the host! You mentioned that you alwas sit on other peoples party, well you don't sound that outgoing! No blending in!

sames wid me!!
first of all take care every 1 u wnt in d party is only invited..u cn hav a simple theme or sumthing..u cn go for simple colour themes to cool retro or hollywud party!!
u cn keep a movie theme too!!in which ppl hav to dress as movie charactres dey like!buy some cool music to play..have party decoraton stuff..and even if u maintain a low profile ppl will feel ur presence.

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